Subj: Knee Replacement 
Date: 10/31/2002 6:31:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: “Bill”
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I just wanted to tell you I thought your website was outstanding and very informational.  My name is Bill and I have had both knees replaced this year.  The right knee was done May 6th and the left knee Sept 16th.  Before the first surgery I did a lot of research and there wasn’t a lot of information that related to my situation and photos of the actual surgery easily available.  I am 48 years old and have had knee problems & surgery dating back 8 years.  I have recently wrote an article for Muscle & Fitness magazine that will be published in their March 2003 edition about my right knee replacement.  One of the reasons I wrote the article is for other people debating the surgery and the after effects would have some more data to base their decisions on.  One thing I found common in all cases I read was that everyone wishes they would have done it sooner.  I have attached the article if you wish to read.  Once again I think you have a great site and I’m sure a successful practice.