Triathlon swim exit Finger Lakes Tri  9,2013IMG_0971

I will be competing in the 2014 Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon on 7/27/14. Will try to beat last year’s time of 13:54.

We will see… 2014 has been a big challenge for me.

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Just did Syracuse 70.3 half-Ironman on 6/22/14 as a warm-up in 6:11, felt good, especially at the beginning and end!

Dan and Beth, Dan and friend Ed Ten Eyck, T2 coach, and Dan and friend John Ayres, MD, who did his first 70.3 training only on the flatland of western FLA!

DW BW Syr 70.3 DW ET Syr 70.3 DW JA Syr 70.3



Ride for Alive with Chris Murphy and John Cico, 2013: