My interest in triathlon began with the CNY Green Lakes sprint triathlon in c2009, when I finished last or near last place in the swim portion, 266/266. I had no problem spotting my bike that day in T1. After many lessons and a lot of practice, my swimming improved enough to achieve AG average, and opened the door to longer events.

I never did more triathlons in one season than while getting chemotherapy for lymphoma in 2011. Having miraculously recovered from this cancer, and then a different cancer two years later in 2013, I enjoyed two Ironman Lake Placid finishes, then fell off the triathlon circuit until 2023 when I returned to Lake Placid. and finished again, despite an early season foot injury, training through a 70.3 half-IM two weeks before Lake Placid, in Geneva, NY.

I am going to compete in Lake Placid again in 2024. There is nothing quite like the health and fitness of a triathlon training lifestyle and the satisfaction of completing 140.6! Having retired just four weeks prior to IMLP 2023, it was always a challenge to work and train. My wife once said, “You can only have one full-time job.” So next year will be different.

More to follow…

Triathlon swim exit Finger Lakes Tri  9,2013IMG_0971

2013, 2014 and 2023 Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon finisher.

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DW BW Syr 70.3 DW ET Syr 70.3 DW JA Syr 70.3