What is the “Dante’s Ride”?

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Last update 7/12/2024

Dante's Kit Rear 2013IMG_5164

Dante’s ride is a challenging road bike route in Central New York, south of metropolitan Syracuse, which has a series of distinct hill climbs, averaging between 3-11%, with some of the very steepest sections at or above 21%. The hills are between 0.6 to 7 mile long climbs.  It has two “sides”: Dante’s East and Dante’s West, with each side about 70 miles and nearly 7,000′ of climbing, and each with nine component hills.  The ride has been a cult interest of a group of local riders, originally and informally known as “Team Dante’s”, but more and more cyclists have been expressing an interest in training on this amazing route.  With the loss of competitive events in 2020, due to COVID-19, an impressive number of cyclists conquered the route.

A “Full Dante’s” Ride is a combined continuous ride of both East and West courses: 18 hills, 140 miles, 14,000′ of climbing.  9-12 hours of moving time. What is a “Double Dante’s”?? – two complete Full Dante’s laps, 36 climbs, 280 miles and almost 28,000′, see below…. originally attempted in 2012 with no finishers, it was later completed in about 24 hours, August 17-18, 2013 by Dan McCarthy and John Cico, and then repeated by them August 23-24, 2014, with Amy Reynders pulling them along. Most recently, August 2-3, 2015, Dan McCarthy made it three in a row, along with Dan Wnorowski, finally finishing the “Double” on his fourth attempt. And then, suddenly all was quiet re: Double Dante’s… But the “Classic” Dante’s still remains CNY’s premier climbing challenge for those that dare to challenge their spirit and passion… There is also a SuperWest option, which adds all climbs around Jamesville Reservoir and some great Otisco Lake climbs to the basic West course and increases the climbing density: 120 miles and 14,000′. 

FKT Dante’s Podium:

Adam Luban, July 11, 2024, with an incredible moving time 7:19:53, average speed 18.7mph, max speed 60.3mph, ave power 246W. Adam bested the prior records held by himself, August 16, 2022, moving time 7:24:35, average speed 18.5mph, and previously by Kevan Edwards: July 28, 2021, 7:40, moving time 7:33, average speed 18.2mph.

It is a great training route.  

Many consider it hard, and some consider it “hard as hell”…

“Dante’s” comes from “The Inferno”, a classic written by Dante Alighieri, c1300AD, about his version of what Hell might look like.  On the main gate is inscribed these words:  “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here”.  He describes his vision of the nine concentric “circles of Hell”, at the center of which resides Satan himself.   This ride has hill climbs which by some original accounts loosely resemble these nine circles, nine within each of the East and West “sides”.  We have yet to find Satan anywhere on this magnificent course.

In the interest of historical accuracy…

Tom Baesl, MD, is the “father of the concept of the Dante’s rides”, much like George Washington is the “father of our country”.   There are more states in the US now, as well as more hills in the Dante’s ride, but George and Tom got the ball rolling.  Tom should be given full and complete credit as the originator of the key concept and overriding theme, that is to realize that so much suffering could exist so close to our home.  The current version of the Dante’s, true to Tom’s marvelous vision, beats the likes of the notorious Highlander, Triple Bypass, and Death Ride, and is both a physical and mental challenge. Dante’s evolved through test versions 1.0, 2.0 and the current 3.0 West and 4.0 East.  Many have contributed suggestions, and there have been additions, and further revisions are underway (see “SuperWest” below).   It is now 140 miles and 13,800+’ of climbing:  18 hills, all within a 20-30 mile radius of the former “Nice and Easy” (how ironic), now “Circle K” fuel stop and convenience store on the SW corner of route 92 and Enders Road just SE of the village of Manlius (the original starting, midway stop, and finishing point). It began as a training course for these other events mentioned above, and by most cyclists’ experience, is by now probably even harder than any of these.

See below for the route directions, and the maps and profiles.

Background info: First of all, there has been a lot of recent increasing buzz about these rides…. mostly, “What ‘the hell’ is this ride?”, “Why would one do this?”, and “Can I do this?”, “Is my bike right?”, etc.  Just show up and try, and learn.  You will not be disappointed, and you will be challenged.  You will see average grades of >10% on some of these hills, and max grades to 21+%, again and again!  You can do one hill, a few, or many, or all, fast or slow, it does not matter. It will grow on you. “Dante’s” has grown piecemeal with additions to Tom’s concept resulting from brainstorms from many of us, especially Gordon Stevens, Jon Loftus, Mike Zipprich, and others.

As of November 19, 2023, 44 cyclists are now known to have done the whole thing, the “Full Dante’s'”, East and West, as a continuous ride in one day. Some have done it multiple times. Known full Dante’s finishers include Dan W., John Cico, Chris Murphy, Dan McCarthy, Tom Bersani, Dan DeGirolamo, Finbar Scannell, Randy Hadzor, Aaron Vlasak, Amy Reynders, Dave Sutkowy, Maggie Manning (on a tandem with Dan McCarthy!), Sam Sampere, Dave Grieves, Ed Keplinger, Erika Zazzara, Kurt Werner, Brian Goetke, and Jason Kompf in June, and Jeremy Burton in July of 2015. Jason was the first rider from west of the Mississippi, Breckenridge, CO.  And also: Matt Curbeau and Adam Kosmicki from  MA in a fast ride with some rainy conditions testing their passion (https://www.strava.com/activities/337274154). On Dante’s Days 2015: Tom Macera, Pat McNeil, and Ray Falso completed the route.  Joining the team in late season efforts, Tim Palmer, 10/3/2017, riding solo, and Adam Ruszkowski, October 15, 2017, riding with Dan W.

Then… a lull?

2020, a big year for Dante’s: May 3, 2020 Dante’s additions: Bo Jenson, Will Sympson,  Bryan Ludgate, Anthony Lubrino, an exceptional early season accomplishment.  June 26, 2020: Rob Chimento, Fred Bulken, Jon Cyganick, Dave Tate, Scott Stewart, Ken Hammond (with Pat McNeil repeating).  And check this out, July 7, 2020: Kevan Edwards SOLO effort , self-supported- 8:41 and only ONE STOP, just 13 minutes shy of July 19, 2017 record, see above, of which he was also a part! And then also Nate Molinari. And a big day for SuperWest: June 13, 2020- 8 riders completing the more hill dense route:  yours truly for early am solo lead-out, followed by PJamm team of: Bo Jenson, Bryan Ludgate, Ed Keplinger, Jason Walz, Vince Love, Will Sympson, and Anthony Lubrino.

June 18, 2023: John Jeha added a solo achievement to the full Dante’s list with a 13.9 mph average speed, 12:00:43 moving time. October 11, 2023, Eric Rickman “joins the club”, also solo, at a fast 10:03:12 moving time! Then a trifecta on October 13, 2023, Paul Leary, Andrew Schmid and Ben Salibra ride a full Dante’s at 9:24 moving time, averaging 14.8 mph!

I would bet there are others, perhaps wishing to remain anonymous.  Congratulations to all who have attempted or completed this adventure! If you have done it and are not mentioned, let me know, you deserve credit for your achievement. I have traditionally provided a full kit for finishers, and I have a few left of select sizes, but have no plans to replenish inventory.

Fastest known time: Dante’s Ride:

Adam Luban, July 11, 2024: supported, moving time 7:19:53, average speed 18.7mph, max speed 60.3 mph, average power 246W, training load 367.

He bested his prior FKT on August 16, 2022, moving time 7:24:35, average speed 18.5mph; NP 243W. Ride report from August 2022:

I have been scared of the Dante’s ride since I first stumbled across the web Hall of Fame in 2018. When Kevan later mentioned Dante’s to me, I was sure he was confused about the route and was referring to just the East or West loop – there was no way anyone could do the full ride in the time he suggested.

In 2020 and 2021 he proved me wrong, laying down two incredible solo efforts. Because of scheduling conflicts I couldn’t join him, but I was secretly relieved because after a deep dive into his Strava data for each ride I was sure I would have been shattered into a million pieces scattered across the East Loop.
Nevertheless the idea kept bouncing around and we finally set a date for a group ride this summer. As I drove to Circle K in the predawn darkness on that fateful day I felt a mix of enthusiasm and apprehension in the pit of my stomach. Just after 6 Kevan, Forrest Sears, and I set off on the West Loop.
Given my excitement and the task before us, I concentrated on pacing and keeping my power low. The first few hours ticked by as we climbed and descended some of my most travelled roads around Jamesville Reservoir. I was glad to be able to share intelligence about the descents and draft behind Forrest and Kevan. They are both exceptionally strong on the flats and downhills and helped me set many Strava PRs.
Climbing Case and Hitchings was splendid. With steep grades ahead and wonderful views of the valley beside I felt grateful to be riding, and tried to absorb as much positivity as I could to preempt the suffering that would soon come.
Despite the nutrition inhaled at our NASCAResque pit stop, as we set off on our second loop I could feel my legs coming to the edge. I spent the next few hours staring at my power meter and trying to avoid self-immolation. Thankfully Kevan kept pulling through and kept our pace high. My goal was to survive until the final 35 miles or so and then unleash whatever I might have left.
As we worked through the East loop, my parents and sister started appearing on the roadside to cheer. Seeing them and thinking of something besides the pain in my legs was a wonderful boost!
Kevan and I rode together until the Number Climbs, which I had not included on my top tube route sheet and was blissfully ignorant of until they appeared. Riding scientifically is highly effective, but sometimes it feels best to abandon all statistics, light the fireworks (or whatever dim sparklers remain after six hours of riding) and go Mano a Montagna. 
I was a little disappointed I didn’t have more watts to give but emptied the dredges of my tank on #4, 5, and 2, ignored the temptation of a final resting place at the top of Cemetery Rd and pushed home to Circle K. Kevan rolled in just a few minutes after me and we recapped the ride over a fine assortment of gas station foods and beverages.”

Fastest known Dante’s: pure solo self-supported ride:  Kevan Edwards: ride report: July 28, 2021:

“My first introduction to Dante’s was in 2014 when I was dragged out by Randy Hadzor for one of the organized Dante’s rides. I didn’t have time to do the whole thing, but this didn’t prevent me from riding like an idiot—going hard up the hills, almost ending up in a ditch after overcooking a descent, and generally making a nuisance of myself. I’m surprised the regulars didn’t vote me off the island. Sorry everyone.

In the summer of 2017 I was invited by Matt “Turbeau” Curbeau to join him and local prodigy Dan Jeske for a full Dante’s loop at a respectable pace. The effort was solid, but we took a proper break for lunch and at some point stopped for the best-tasting gas station slushy of all time. In retrospect, I am sure we worked too hard up the climbs and weren’t very focused on maintaining pace the rest of the time. 

In the summer of 2020, in the middle of COVID lockdown, with no racing in sight and very little group riding, I needed something dumb to do. I decided to see how quickly I could do a full Dante’s, including any stops. I had a few ideas. My CX bike gave me the option of easier gearing (50/34 x 11-34) and comfy 28mm tires, so I set aside my road bike. I wanted to get Frank Long, Hitchings, and Case out of the way on relatively fresh legs, so I did the West loop first. I only gave myself one stop to refuel and compose myself, and I kept it short. The ride went well and I was happy with the overall time. Two things bothered me, though: I had added quite a few (mostly flat) miles to get around a closed road. And I really fell to pieces near the end, which I think was partly the result of not consuming enough calories during the ride.

This summer (July 28, 2021) I had another go, hoping to get luckier with road construction and to do a better job with nutrition. I only carried two large bottles for each loop, but I started out well hydrated and downed a bottle in between loops. I pretty much forced myself to eat at regular intervals. I am really happy with the overall time, which was significantly faster than my previous attempt. I still hit some road construction, but it was only a few miles of torn up asphalt and a small detour. Things still got dark in the last 40mi; at some point I had no extra power to work with and just crawled over the remaining hills. Maybe I still hadn’t consumed enough calories, or maybe my legs had just had enough.

Looking forward, it would be interesting to figure out how to coordinate a small group for an attempt at a really fast time.

Some stats from July 28 2021 (https://www.strava.com/activities/5702105897/overview) -Kevan”

Distance: 137mi
Elevation: approx. 15000ft (hard to get an accurate number here)
Total time: 7:40
Moving time: 7:33
Average speed: 18.2mph
Normalized power: 246w
Average HR: 149bpm

Fastest known Dante’s group ride: Dan Jeske, Kevan Edwards, Matt Curbeau,  July 19, 2017:  8:34:08.

Another extraordinary feat from a Team Dante’s teammate: Aaron Vlasak: “Everesting on Gulf Road” (Fayetteville), August 25, 2021: 

A Dante’s Rider’s Impression of Everesting  (https://www.strava.com/activities/5854634660/0verwiew)

Aaron Vlasak Everesting Gulf Rd 2021

“Dinner at 20,000 feet”

Everesting has been called “the most difficult climbing challenge in the world”. As a Dante’s rider, I’ve been curious about this challenge and how it compares to Dante’s since its popularity exploded in 2020. In late August, ’21, I spontaneously decided to give it a try. No specific training or extensive planning or preparation went into my effort. The day before my attempt, I checked over my gear, went to the grocery store, and selected the closest Dante’s hill to my house, Gulf Rd.
Everesting is strikingly different from Dante’s in that you can only ride one hill but any hill will do. Gulf is a wonderful road; it is wooded, tight and twisty and the animals come out at night, but this comes with road hazards, no place to park, and a technical descent with oncoming traffic. Before I started the ride, I had no idea that it would take me 170 miles and 19 hours to complete or that the Manlius police would be searching for the owner of the vehicle (mine) haphazardly deserted in someone’s yard.*
Unlike Dante’s, there is no pedaling between hills, no warm up or cool down between efforts. Each lap begins abruptly, and in my case this went on 64 times. On several laps, this topographic low point was for me also a spiritual low. I thought of Sisyphus, who was forever condemned to accomplish the meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only for it to roll down again. And I wondered whether it is perverse to willfully subject myself to his curse or whether, instead, the philosopher Camus had it right when he said, “one must imagine Sisyphus happy”.
For me, completing the Everesting challenge became a defiance of the conventional wisdom to ride within one’s limits. To get it done, I had to exceed my perceived limit. This was not as easy as coping with muscle cramps, hot spots on the feet, saddle discomfort, etc.—all of which happened. It was more about working through a pervasive and debilitating anguish, where even the desire to continue got lost. At the lowest point, one simply must keep the forward motion, imagine oneself happy while laboring under the boulder. It is a tricky and risky business because there is no way to test the veracity of the perceived limit except by edging in closer. When I may have been near my actual limit, I was alone in the woods at 2am. Eventually, sheer time on the bike and lack of sleep would have finished me.
I can only imagine the hell of going through a double Dante’s, at 280 miles and roughly the elevation gain of Everest. For this reason, I am confident that whoever declared Everesting “the most difficult climbing challenge in the world” has never heard of the double D.
*The Manlius PD were genuinely concerned for my welfare. Aside from my family, who brought me lunch and dinner, the police were my strongest advocates. When I explained what I was doing, they cheered me on!”

Stats: 172.95 miles, 30,140′, 18:50:16 moving time, 9.2 mph ave speed, AP 140W.

While they last… for finishers, free kits still available, but medium sizes are all that remain. If you are interested in a group purchase to replace your vintage kit, or if you have completed or will complete the Dante’s ride and are interested in participating in a group purchase for size other than medium, email me at genufix@yahoo.com.  When I have  a critical mass I will get a price from LG, the original supplier.

Dante’s going viral?

This route has trained some of us very well for other challenging rides, like the Highlander (http://www.highlandercycletour.com/), Triple Bypass (http://www.teamevergreen.org/triple) and Death Ride (https://www.deathride.com/), the “Bumps” Northeast Hillclimb Series (http://www.hillclimbseries.com/), and for Dan McCarthy, La Ruta de los Conquistadores (http://www.larutadelosconquistadores.com/info/) (Dan has done the La Ruta event at least 12 times).   This course has been gradually assembled and has been growing over time, and it is a demanding giant now.  Usually you can do a “Half  Dante’s” (East or West) in a half day, often each on back to back days, so it is manageable, and so to not mess with people’s training schedules. Again, each is about 70 miles, and 7,000′,  or 4.5-6 hours.  These are moving times, and do not include breaks. When we have done a Full Dante’s, usually start at 5-6am and do the West first, followed by the East; estimate 10-12 hours riding time.  It is best to build up to this a little at a time, and in a piecemeal fashion.  An easy bail-out point on the East route is to continue down Peck Hill Road instead of the left on Palmer, continuing right on South Eagle Village, back to 173, left on 173 and left on Enders, back to the starting point, and you still have done a very respectable ride of some 30 miles of three awesome hills: Gulf, 13-Carry’s-Fenner, and Stanley!!  From the West, you can bail from the top of Frank Long Road, and descend down Sweet Road to Broadfield and Pompey Center Road, and back to Enders and back to your car, or from Apulia Road South after coming down Eager, and climb back up Pompey Hill via 20 East to Palmer, and Clark Hollow, then to Newell Hill Road and finish down Henneberry and continue the tail of the West course. Re: gearing: I know of some people, who did the entirety (Jeremy Burton) or just the harder West side with “normal gears”, 39 up front. A 39×25 (ratio 1.56), represents a big challenge on the steeps. Dodge, Frank Long, Carrys Hill, Stanley, Case Hill, Ortloff, Newell, and Hitchings are bears with such gears (all with 21%+ sections).  If you want to make it easier, and if you do not have a triple (which makes it much more manageable), consider a compact: 34×25 = 1.31, to 34×31 = 1.10. I typically use 34×28 = 1.21.

Double Dante’s

A bigger test, nightime climbs: west twice, east twice: 36 climbs, 280 miles, 28,000 feet. 24 hours…

For the dark, need lights for East-West combo 6pm-6am (August sunset approximately 8pm, sunrise 6am).  Need redundancy: spare lights, spare computer, spare Garmin, spare phone battery, tools, tires, tubes, etc.  Headlight and front and rear bike lights are required. Riding in the dark is dangerous!   

Note: to do a Double Dante’ may require 24 hours, which includes riding in the dark, including some big and fast descents, in the dark, very dangerous. 
“Double Dante’s”?? – two complete Full Dante’s laps, 36 climbs, 280 miles and almost 28,000′, originally attempted in 2012 with no finishers, it was later completed in about 24 hours, August 17-18, 2013 by Dan McCarthy and John Cico, and then repeated by them August 23-24, 2014, with Amy Reynders pulling them along. Most recently, August 2-3, 2015, Dan McCarthy made it three in a row, along with Dan Wnorowski, finally finishing the “Double” on his fourth attempt. And then, suddenly all was quiet re: Double Dante’s… But the “Classic” Dante’s still remains CNY’s premier climbing challenge for those that dare to challenge their spirit and passion…
You need conditioning and hill training. you need easy climbing gears, triple (25 small ring) or compact (34) up front, and 27 or larger in back. You need lights for night segments (two front lights, one rear, and a headlight for mechanicals). You need redundancy: spare batteries. You need a phone for self rescue. You need tools and spares.  You need to eat and drink a lot. You need caffeine. Ten hours of darkness: sunset mid-Aug: 800pm; sunrise mid-Aug: 600am. That’s ten or more hours with the sun below the horizon. Riding in the dark is both dangerous and fascinating. Animals are out. Deer, coyotes, and raccoon will be in the road, probably wondering what the heck you are doing.

Self-support suggestions: Byrne Dairy in Lafayette (20 West), Pompey Mall (route 20/91) (East and West), Cazenovia (Main Street, route 20) (East), Circle K in Manlius (Enders Road/route 92) (East), Jamesville Depot (Apulia Road/route 173) (West).

GPX files current Dante’s routes/courses (thanks to Dick Rozanski):

Dante’s West – GPX Data

Dante’s East – GPX Data

Overview of Dante’s (hills in bold):   Dante’s West (3.0): Manlius at 92 and Enders: Broadfield to Henneberry to 91 to Frank Long to Gates to 173 to Apulia to Coye-Eager to Apulia to Dodge to 20 to Hitchings to Kingsley to 80 to 20 to Case Hill to Cook to Barker to Otisco to Tully Farms to Webster to 11A to Ortloff-20 to Palmer to Clark Hollow to Newell Hill to Berry to Kelly to Berwyn to 20 to Henneberry to Brown Gulf to Watervale to Number 2 to Pompey Center to Alliance Bank…

67.5 miles

7375 feet

13.5 ave mph

44.7top speed mph

52 ave cadence

4:59:17 ride time (7/4/2010)

Dante’s East (4.0): Manlius at 92 and Enders: 92 to village to North Street to Duguid to Rte. 5 to Gulf-Palmer to 173 to Dyke to Olmstead to 13-Falls-Carrys Hill-Bear Swamp-Nelson-Larkin-Buyea to East Road-Bingley to 13 to Rathbun toStanley to Peth to Peck Hill Road to Palmer to Route 92 south to Rte. 20 west to Gulf to Oran Delphi Road to Rte. 20 east to 13 to Burlingame to Cobb Hill Road to Dephi Falls to Number 5 to Pompey Center Road to Number 4 toCemetary to Henneberry to Number 2 to Pompey center Road to Alliance Bank…  

70.4 miles

6109 feet

15.7 ave mph

48.6 top speed mph

64 ave cadence

4:27:54 ride time (5/14/2010)

The whole route, East and West (3.0):

141 miles

13176 feet

13.7 ave mph

48 top speed mph

57 ave cadence

10:15:09 ride time (7/26/2009)

Profiles of Dante’s rides (Thanks John Evans): East (v.4.0): West (v.3.0):

Dante’s West:

  Dante’s West (3.0) Directions:

Latitude  Longitude  Leg (km)  Total (km)  Height (meters)  Type  Name  Directions
42.99266 -75.958 0.13 0.13 238 Left Turn Left Turn left at Enders Rd
42.99071 -75.9608 0.32 0.45 218 Left Turn Left Turn left at Pompey Center Rd
42.98895 -75.9609 0.2 0.65 224 Right Turn Right Turn right at Broadfield Rd
42.97451 -76.003 3.88 4.53 328 Left Turn Left Turn left at Henneberry Rd
42.90088 -76.0121 8.39 12.92 526 Right Turn Right Turn right at Academy St
Turn right on 91
Turn right on Frank Long
Turn left on Gates Rd.
42.99257 -76.0451 14.51 27.43 238 Left Turn Left Turn left at NY-173/E Seneca Turnpike
42.99172 -76.0714 2.29 29.72 187 Right Turn Right Turn left at Apulia Rd/South St Continue to follow Apulia Rd
42.9807 -76.0747 1.27 30.99 196 Right Turn Right Turn right at Coye Rd
42.96213 -76.0858 2.61 33.6 301 Straight Straight Continue on Eager Rd
42.90712 -76.0772 6.24 39.85 277 Right Turn Right Turn right at Apulia Rd/Jamesville Apulia Rd
42.88922 -76.0882 2.23 42.08 270 Right Turn Right Turn right at Dodge Rd
42.89203 -76.0999 1.08 43.15 373 Right Turn Right Slight right at Cherry Valley Turnpike/Ryter Rd/US-20/US Route 20 Continue to follow Cherry Valley Turnpike/US-20/US Route 20
42.90966 -76.1967 8.45 51.6 197 Left Turn Left Turn left at Hitchings Rd
42.88521 -76.1933 2.78 54.38 461 Right Turn Right Turn right at Kingsley Rd
42.88409 -76.2198 2.17 56.55 416 Right Turn Right Turn right at NY-80/State Route 80
42.91037 -76.2211 2.98 59.53 337 Right Turn Right Turn right at Cherry Valley Turnpike/US-20/US Route 20
42.90646 -76.1852 3.05 62.58 183 Right Turn Right Turn right at Case Rd/Case Hill Rd
42.87383 -76.1836 3.71 66.29 390 Right Turn Right Turn right at Cook Rd
42.87304 -76.2001 1.35 67.64 405 Left Turn Left Turn left at Barker St
42.86252 -76.201 1.28 68.92 400 Left Turn Left Turn left at Otisco Rd
42.85841 -76.148 4.67 73.59 191 Left Turn Left Turn left at Tully Farm Rd/Tully Farms Rd
42.88246 -76.1551 2.82 76.41 163 Right Turn Right Turn right at Webster Rd
42.88314 -76.1419 1.08 77.49 189 Left Turn Left Turn left at NY-11A/State Route 11A/Syracuse Tully Valley Rd
42.88987 -76.1435 0.76 78.25 189 Right Turn Right Turn right at Ortloff Rd
42.89323 -76.1317 1.12 79.38 305 Right Turn Right Slight right at Cherry Valley Turnpike/US-20/US Route 20
42.87716 -76.0857 5.01 84.39 270 Right Turn Right Turn right at Palmer Rd
42.8782 -76.0784 0.61 84.99 280 Right Turn Right Turn right at Clark Hollow Rd
42.87662 -76.0773 0.22 85.21 280 Left Turn Left Turn left at Newell Rd/Newell Hill Rd Continue to follow Newell Hill Rd
42.88162 -76.0504 2.8 88.01 439 Left Turn Left Turn left at Berry Rd
42.8832 -76.05 0.21 88.22 447 Right Turn Right Turn right at Kelly Rd
42.88452 -76.031 1.56 89.78 441 Left Turn Left Turn left at Berwyn Rd
42.89654 -76.0181 1.71 91.49 498 Right Turn Right Sharp right at Cherry Valley Turnpike/US-20/US Route 20
42.89652 -76.0182 0 91.5 498 Straight Straight Head east on Cherry Valley Turnpike/US-20/US Route 20 toward Berwyn Rd Continue to follow Cherry Valley Turnpike/US-20
42.89936 -76.012 0.6 92.1 528 Left Tuern Left Turn left on Henneberry Rd
42.94967 -76.001 5.75 97.85 385 Right Turn Right Turn right at Brown Gulf Rd
42.951 -75.9828 2.12 99.97 284 Right Turn Right Turn right at Watervale Rd
42.94991 -75.9823 0.13 100.1 283 Left Turn Left Turn left at Number 2 Rd W
42.95446 -75.9574 2.27 102.37 336 Left Turn Left Turn left at Pompey Center Rd
42.99071 -75.9608 4.05 106.43 220 Right Turn Right Turn right at Enders Rd
42.99266 -75.958 0.32 106.75 237 Right Turn Right Turn right at Cazenovia Rd/NY-92

Dante’s West (3.0) Map (Thanks John Evans):       Dante’s West (3.0) Hills and Facts (Thanks John Evans): 

Climb Total Distance AverageGrade Steepest Grade LongestDistanceof > 12% Number of Climbs> 12%
1 – Broadfield / Henneberry 6.2 miles 3 % 15 % 0.1 mile 1
2 – Frank Long 0.9 miles 11 % 22.7 % 0.1 mile 4
3 – Coye / Eager 3.8 miles 4 % 15.6 % 0.1 mile 2
4 – Dodge 0.6 miles 11 % 19.8 % 0.1 mile 4
5 – Hitchings 2 miles 8.3 % 17.5 % 0.6 miles 3
6 – Case (initial climb) — 1.0 miles 11.4%
Case (total climb) 2.7 miles 5.5 % 20.5 % 0.5 mile 3
7 – Ortloff / US 20 1.4 miles 7.4 % 19.4 % 0.2 mile 2
8 – Newell Hill — 1.6 miles 7.6 %
Newell Hill / US 20 4.8 miles 3.3 % 19.6 % 0.2 mile 6
9 – Number 2 Road 0.6 miles 9 % 18.8 % 0.4 mile 1

Dante’s East:   Note:  Dante’s East recently was upgraded at the suggestion of John Evans, who noticed a “glaring flat spot”, Pompey Hollow Road to Route 20, and also an obvious solution.  We always thought the East side was “anemic”, and John showed his Dante’s qualifications by suggesting that the course be changed to add a hill up 92 to Cazenovia, then over 20 headed west (another small hill), and then descend back down to the intersection of 20 and Pompey Hollow and continue on the 3.0 version back up 20 West to Pompey, etc.  This added about 600 feet and to keep the nine hill- nine “circles of hell” concept intact, rather than drop a hill, we merged the “mini” Number 4 Road Hill with Cemetary Road as one hill, the 8th of the West nine.     East side directions (v.4.0): The East course still has 600′ less climbing than the west side, and therefore, remains a kinder and gentler beast, but is also around 70 miles; 4 to 5 hours ride time (9 HILLS in CAPS): 92 to Manlius village, right on Academy, left 173, right on North St to Duguid to route 5 east (Fayetteville), right on GULF-PALMER #1, left 173, descend to Chittenango, hard right at bottom on Dyke, right on Olmstead, right on 13, left on Falls, straight through four corners to Carrys Hill Rd (13-CARRYS HILL #2), straight at top onto Bear Swamp Rd., left on Nelson then immediate right on Larkin (you are on Fenner Hill), right on Buyea, right on East, cross Nelson, to Bingley (big descent) back down to right on 13, back to Chittenango Falls, left on Rathbun, left on STANLEY #3, through to right on East Lake Rd, then immediate left on Peth, right on Peck Hill Rd, left on Palmer, descend to left on RTE’s 92 (#4), to Cazenovia, right onto 20 (up short hill then long down 20 EAST hill), crossing Oran-Delphi climb up 20 WEST (#5), left at top on Gulf, descend to Oran-Delphi, left on Oran-Delphi Rd, right onto 20 EAST #6,  up to Cazenovia, right on 13, right on Burlingame to Cobb Hill Rd, descend to right on Delphi Rd. and descend to Delphi Falls, straight through to NUMBER 5 RD #7, climb to top and right turn and still Number 5 at top, descending to right on Pompey Center Rd, left on NUMBER 4 / CEMETERY #8, cross Ridge Rd at top and descend to right on Cemetery, top out at Pompey Hill, cross 20 and long descent down Henneberry,  right on Brown Gulf, descend to right on Watervale, then quick left onto NUMBER 2 #9, last climb,  and descend to left on Pompey Center, right on Enders, STOP at 92, Circle K on right.   Refuel at Delphi Falls if necessary, about 55 miles.

Dante’s East (4.0) Map (Thanks John Evans):

Old Stats from Dante’s version 2.0 (Thanks John Cico):

Beg Alt  End Alt  Total Ascent  Beg Mi  End Mi  Total Mi Avg Grade Max Grade
West Course
Broadfield – Henneberry           702        1,700           998          3.21        10.90          7.69          2.5%          12%
Frank Long           856        1,381           525        15.99        16.94          0.95          10.5%          21%
Coye-Eager           677        1,415           738        22.60        26.10          3.50 4.0% 12%
Dodge           866        1,210           344        29.57        30.16          0.59 11.0% 16%
Hitchings 1st Half Mi           651        1,032           381        35.53        36.08          0.55 13.1% 17%
Remaining        1,032        1,485           453        36.08        37.35          1.27 6.8% 12%
Total Hitchings           834          1.82 8.7% 17%
Ortloff           626        1,077           451        45.05        45.94          0.89 9.6% 18%
Rt 20        1,077        1,285           208        45.94        46.34          0.40 9.8% 8%
Total Ortloff / 20           659          1.29 9.7% 17%
Newell           871        1,503           632        49.14        50.65          1.51 7.9% 20%
No 2 929 1,195 266 58.72 59.22          0.50 10.1% 14%
Totals West Course Climbs 4,996 17.85 5.3% 21%
East Course
Gulf 535 985 450 68.90 70.12 1.22 7.0% 19%
Falls Rd 716 1,076 360 79.41 80.28 0.87 7.8% 10%
Carries 1,076 1,530 454 80.28 81.73 1.45 5.9% 18%
Total Falls / Carries 814 2.32 6.6% 18%
Stanley 1,035 1,334 299 86.80 87.32 0.52 10.9% 18%
Rt 20 839 1,365 526 97.18 98.52 1.34 7.4% 12%
No5 957 1,440 483 107.06 108.54 1.48 6.2% 13%
No 4 1,247 1,472 225 110.96 111.78 0.82 5.2% 12%
Cemetary 1,396 1,724 328 113.90 114.75 0.85 7.3% 12%
No 2 950 1,210 260 120.16 120.67 0.51 9.7% 14%
Totals West Course Climbs 3,385 9.06 7.1% 19%
Grand Total West + East 8,381 26.91 5.9% 18%

Dante’s “SuperWest”:

Dante’s “SuperWest”:  even better with 18 climbs, 14’000′ in only 120 miles! Added 50 miles and 9 climbs: Colton, Bush, Henderson, Lords, Dutch, Strong, Moon, Churchill-Stanton and Oak Hill climbs to the west course. Note Churchill Rd. is now permanently closed from the lake front nearly to Stanton Rd. There are fences (you can walk around the fencing and the road is ridable in spots but quickly being reclaimed by nature).

Dan Wnorowski did this ride on 7/17/15 and 6/13/20: http://www.strava.com/activities/348213772, and http://strava.app.link/vNqdhHrQm8

PJamm-7 crew, Bo Jenson, et al, also did this route on 6/13/20

Dante’s SuperWest Cue Sheet:

Cumulative Interval
Climb: Start: Landmark: Turn: Miles: Miles:
Rte 92 and Enders Road Circle K L 0.0
Enders Road L 0.1 0.1
Pompey Center Road L 0.2 0.1
1 Broadfield Road R 0.4 0.2
1 Henneberry Road L 2.8 2.4
20 West Pompey Mall R 8.1 5.3
Dodge Road R 11.9 3.8
Apulia Road R 12.5 0.6
2 Colton Road R 14.0 1.5
2 Brennan Road L 16.6 2.6
2 Rall Road R 17.2 0.6
2 Hamilton Road R 17.7 0.5
91 North L 17.9 0.2
Ransom Road L 21.3 3.4
Palladino Road R 22.1 0.8
Apulia Road L 22.8 0.7
3 Bush Road L 24.6 1.8
3 Bush Road R 25.0 0.4
91 North L 26.8 1.8
4 Frank Long Road R 29.3 2.5
Gates Road L 30.9 1.6
Henderson Road L 31.5 0.6
Taylor Road L 33.0 1.5
91… Taylor Road Reverse direction 33.3 0.3
5 Henderson Road R 33.5 0.3
Gates Road L 34.9 1.4
173 West L 36.3 1.4
Apulia Road/South Street Jamesville Sunoco L 38.3 2.0
6 Coye Road R 39.0 0.7
6 Eager Road Straight 40.7 1.7
Apulia Road R 44.5 3.8
7 Dodge Road R 45.9 1.4
20 West Byrne Dairy Rt 20 R 46.6 0.7
McCluskey Road R 51.7 5.1
Hitchings Road R 51.8 0.1
Nichols Road L 52.5 0.7
8 80 East/Lord’s Hill L 53.8 1.3
20 East L 55.0 1.2
9 Hitchings Road R 56.3 1.3
Kinsley Road R 58.0 1.7
80 West R 59.3 1.3
20 East R 61.2 1.9
10 Case Hill Road R 63.1 1.9
Cook Road R 65.4 2.3
Barker Street L 66.2 0.8
Otisco Road L 67.0 0.8
11 Dutch Hill Road R 67.3 0.3
80 East L 71.5 4.2
12 Strong Road R 71.8 0.3
Otisco Valley Road R 74.3 2.5
Masters Road L 76.6 2.3
13 Moon Hill Road L 78.7 2.1
Willowdale Road R 79.5 0.8
Church Hill Road R 80.5 1.0
14 Otisco Lake… Church Hill Road Reverse direction at gate fence, or descend with risk and reverse at lake 81.0 0.5
14 Stanton Road R 81.5 0.5
Becker Road R 82.2 0.7
Merrill Road R 84.1 1.9
Willowdale Road Straight 84.5 0.4
Willowdale Road R 85.8 1.3
174 North R 86.3 0.5
Otisco Valley Road DR Convenience R 88.8 2.5
15 Oak Hill Road L 91.0 2.2
Otisco Road L 94.5 3.5
Tully Farms Road L 99.0 4.5
Webster Road R 100.7 1.7
11A North L 101.4 0.7
16 Ortloff Road R 101.9 0.5
16 20 East Lafayette Sunoco R 102.5 0.6
Palmer Road R 105.6 3.1
Clark Hollow Road R 106.0 0.4
17 Newell Hill Road L 106.1 0.1
Berry Road L 107.6 1.5
Kelly Road R 108.0 0.4
Berwyn Road L 108.9 0.9
Cherry Street Pompey Mall Straight 110.0 1.1
Sweet Road L 110.2 0.2
Academy Street R 110.3 0.1
Henneberry Road L 110.5 0.2
Brown Gulf Road R 114.0 3.5
Watervale Road R 115.3 1.3
18 Number 2 Road L 115.4 0.1
Pompey Center Road L 116.8 1.4
Enders Road R 119.3 2.5
Colony Drive Circle K R 119.5 0.2

Dante’s 2020: 

Congratulations Dante’s Day Sunday May 3, 2020 (not to be deterred, “COVID Distanced Dante’s”): finishers Bo Jenson, Bryan Ludgate, Will Sympson and Anthony Lubrino”!  Assisted by Dante’s veterans Ray Falso and Ed Keplinger.   They look as good at mile 122 as at mile 0:

Dantes 2 of 2 Bo, Bryan, Anthony, Will 5,3,20Dantes 1 of 2 Bo Bryan Anthony Will 5,3,20

And June 26, 2020:  Salty Chimp Team: Rob Chimento, Fred Bulken, Jon Cyganick, Dave Tate, Scott Stewart, Ken Hammond (with Pat McNeil repeating):

D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6

And check this out, July 7, 2020: Kevan Edwards SOLO effort , self-supported- 8:41 and only ONE STOP, just 13 minutes shy of July 19, 2017 record, of which he was also a part!

And yet  another SOLO accomplishment:  Nate Molinari September 5, 2020, 8:48:52, another very fast effort.

And a big day for Dante’s SuperWest:

June 13, 2020- 8 riders completing the more hill dense route: yours truly for early am solo lead-out, followed by PJamm team of: Bo Jenson, Bryan Ludgate, Ed Keplinger, Jason Walz, Vince Love, Will Sympson, and Anthony Lubrino (Dante vet Ray Falso assisting):

D7 D8 D9 D10 D11

Dante’s 2017:

No formal Dante’s Day, but some big achievements. Congratulations Tim Palmer for solo Full Dante’s completion Monday 10/3/2017: “…Great day. Hardest day on a bike yet.”  Adam Ruszkowski  10/15/2017, finishes immediately before a big thunder storm.

AND:  Fastest known Dante’s: Dan Jeske, Kevan Edwards, Matt Curbeau,  July 19, 2017:  8:34:08.

“Double Dante’s Days”, August 1-2, 2015: 

What is a “Double Dante’s”?? – two Full Dante’s laps: 280 miles, 36 climbs, 28,000′, 24 hours.

This is an unofficial and informal bike ride for fun, not a race. There is no leader, no map, no fee, no registration, no insurance, no support, no sanctioning, no tracking, no medals. You are responsible for yourself. You ride on your own, at your own pace and at your own risk.  Start anytime, do what you want. It is you vs. the climbs.

For updated info on the Aug 1-2, 2015  ride see Facebook: “Dante’s Ride” (author Ed Keplinger).

This was another great day with some solid efforts, some adversity, and some big success stories once again! Many turned out to do what they were able to do, and support those attempting the FD and DD.

CONGRATULATIONS to REPEAT Double Dante’s CHAMPION Dan McCarthy for making it three in a row! AND CONGRATULATIONS TO Dan Wnorowski, also finally completing the 280 mile distance and 28,000’+ of climbing on his fourth attempt! CMFC!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Macera, Pat McNeil, and Ray Falso for their debut completion of a FULL DANTE’s in 2014: 140 miles and 14,000′!
CONGRATULATIONS to Brian Goetke, Finbar Scannell, and Ed Keplinger on repeating Full Dantes efforts!
Great work everyone.  CMFC!!!”

Informal and tireless 24 hour support was provided once again by Maggie Manning, with assistance from Kara Johnston, Jeremy and Lauren Burton, and Beth Wnorowski.  Weather once again was perfect.

“Double Dante’s Days”, August 23-24, 2014: 

2014 was best Double Dante’s Days ever!
CONGRATULATIONS to REPEAT Double Dante’s CHAMPIONS Dan McCarthy and John Cico for making it two in a row! AND CONGRATULATIONS TO Amy Reynders for joining them, also completing the 280 mile distance and 28,000′ of climbing! CMFC!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to Ed Keplinger, Erika Zazzara, Kurt Werner, Sam Sampere, Dave Grieves, Dave Sutkowy, Brian Goetke for their debut completion of a FULL DANTE’s in 2014: 140 miles and 14,000′!
CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Bersani, Randy Hadzor, Sam Sampere, Dan Wnorowski, Finbar Scannell, and Aaron Vlasak (mountain bike)on repeating Full Dantes efforts!
Great work everyone.  CMFC!!!”

Informal and tireless support was provided once again by Maggie Manning, with assistance from Kara Johnston, Jeremy Burton, and Dan Degirolamo. Weather again was perfect.

“Double Dante’s Days”, August 17-18, 2013:

What is a “Double Dante’s”?? – two Full Dante’s laps: 280 miles, 36 climbs, 28,000′.

 A second Double Dante’s attempt was scheduled noon, August 17- noon August 18, 2013. Over a dozen participated, and the entire DD route was completed by Dan McCarthy and John Cico. What an effort by all! 

Tom Bersani departed with a group at 6am on the East course… He and Fin Scannell, and Dan Degirolamo completed the East side, with Fin breaking his chain on route 20 climb into Caz, but after he later completed the West course, he went back and finished the East!  Thanks to Mike from Bike Loft East who “made the support call” and repaired Fin’s bike! Then the DD effort began in earnest at noon, and 24 hours later Dan McCarthy and John Cico accomplished the “impossible”, a DOUBLE DANTE’S.
Special thanks to Maggie Manning, for supply and logistics, and Chris Murphy, for helping guide these two through the second West tour in the dark. Great job Dan W: (WE+) and driving support for John and Dan M on the second West lap at night.
Congratulations to the FOUR new Dante’s Team members, accomplishing a Full Dante’s as well: Dan Degirolamo, Aaron Vlasak, Randy Hadzor, and Finbar Scannell (who survived the broken chain on the East circuit).
Special efforts and recognition to Randy Hadzor for doing a vigorous Dante’s after a decisive Duathalon victory in Chittenango earlier in the morning.
The support of all was a big key to the success of Dan and John.
Great work everyone.  CMFC!!!”

Weather info (updated August 17, 2013): THERE WERE PERFECT CONDITIONS- Mostly sunny/partly cloudy, high 79f 17th-81f 18th, low overnight 54f, 10% chance precipitation; winds light and variable: E 3mph 17th… S 4mph 18th; humidity 80% 17th-61% 18th. Near full moon.

“Double Dante’s Days”, first attempt, 2012:
Dan M making it EWE and part of the W again, for 21 hours and 240 miles and 25,000′, while Dan W made it about 19 hours and 220 miles and 22,000′. In 2012, John Cico and Tom Bersani each did a full Dante’s circuit in support of Dan’s and Dan’s effort at a double (John after racing the Bumps event Mt, Ascutney Hillclimb Race in Vermont earlier in the morning!).

Double Dante’s Day Photos:
6am Saturday start- big interest, some challenges along the way, and plenty of big efforts, with departure of first time FD finishers Tom Macera and Pat McNeil, and repeaters Finbar Scannell, ed Keplinger, and Brian Goetke! CMFC!!!
East side moments, mechanical challenges, Stanley and Carrys Hill, Ray and Ed doing the “Froome assessments”:
Noon Saturday start and transition, the West awaits.., Full Dante’s riders at the half after the East lap, and the Double Riders just beginning, with Ray Falso starting his Full Dante’s achievement:
7pm Saturday atop Carrys Hill, Maggie giving endless encouragement and nutrition tips which always prove invaluable, with Dan M, Ray and Aaron Vlasak:
8pm Fenner Hill sunset- the Dante’s Gods signalling approval… and the loneliness of dusk on the Dante’s:
Midnight FD finish for “Supernova” Ray Falso on the summit of Number 2 Road, the only hill one climbs twice on the FD:
Somewhere on West second lap, maybe Hitchings, maybe 3am, maybe I am asleep, maybe awake… Ed Teneyck repeatedly rides alongside to turn off the snooze alarm and engage in stimulating conversation:
6am Sunday transition, smaller crew, to start the last lap for DD for Dan W and Dan M, aided by John Cico, Fin Scannell (about to start his third lap after a rest and recovery from the FD 6am-6pm Saturday), and Ben Rabin. Final tips from a Dante’s Master…
Every major achievement by a good man exists in the quiet supportive shadow of a great woman:
Double success Sunday afternoon 2015: Number 2 Road Dan McCarthy (#3), Dan W (#1), and John Cico (2 DD in prior two years, riding support in 2015):
2015 finish line crew, thanks for support last leg Stewy and Ray Falso, Kurt Werner and Kara Johnston, Finbar Scannell, and of course Maggie Manning- 24 hour support extraordinaire! Lest we

Noon start:
Fresh legs climbing to Henneberry- first hill:
Full Dante’s finishers 6pm: Kurt, Erika, Ed, and repeater Tom:
Nightime riders at summit Stanley 830pm: Aaron…:
…and Finbar:
5 am at top of Number 2 Road: still riding: Sam, Dave, Dan M., John and Amy
Double Dante’s finishers 2014: Dan M. and John Cico (again), and Amy:
Noon Start, the first West group, and 330am, the second West “group” on Hitchings again: John and Dan M:
Finishers of 2013 Double Dante’s: Dan McCarthy and John Cico, flanking logistics and support specialist Maggie Manning:
The early days: Dan McCarthy and Dan W. at Wachusett Hillclimb Race May, 2012:
Double Dante’s 2012, climbing Hitchings Road with fresh legs in Lafayette:


Double Dante’s 2012, after 70 miles, Tom Baesl (green shirt), “The Creator”, surprises the riders at the first break:


Double Dante’s attempt 2012, 930pm, at 15 hours in climbing route 20 west of Cazenovia:


This page needs some work…. in progress…. Dan W., author and editor: genufix@yahoo.com

See also Facebook: “Dante’s Ride” (by Ed Keplinger)

(Note: traditionally, there has been a kit provided free by the author for completing this ride, i.e.- Full Dante’s, as defined above). If you have done it, and want the fame, send me your ride report, GPS data, and I will send you a kit, while supplies last. Only a few small and medium remain.)