CME 2013-2022:   
Oakstone Medical PublishingOrthopedic Review3/10/201330
 DVD MP3 Comprehensive Review Course  
AAOS/AANAArthroscopic Surgical Techniques10/6/20136
 Rotator Cuff Repair  
AAOS/AANAArthroscopic Surgical Techniques10/6/20134
 Anterior Glenohumeral Instability  
AAOSOSAE 2011 and OKU-1011/30/201370
 On-line and Print Formats  
Healthstream/ICD-10: Documenting PCS/CM,12/17-18/20131.5
Precyse Sols, LLCLanguage Singularity and Granularity  
 On-line Format  
Cleveland ClinicMS: Challenges in the Continuum of Care;12/22-24/20132
 Challenges and Best Practices  
 On-line Format (Medscape)  
AAOSOITE 20135/25/201420
 Self Assessment Exam  
AAOSOITE 20141/4/201520
 Self Assessment Exam  
AANAMaster’s Experience3/13-15/201519.5
 Shoulder Arthroscopy Course  
 OLC, Rosemont, IL  
AOSSMContemporary Treatment Young Adult Hip4/10-12/201518.75
 Hip Arthroscopy Course  
 OLC, Rosemont, IL  
Bassett Medical CenterCooperstown Shoulder and Elbow Symposium9/11/20154
 Otesaga Resort, Cooperstown, NY  
Vanderbilt Dept MedProfessionalism Workshop11/7/20153.75
 SOS Syracuse, NY  
AAOS/AAHKSPainful TKR11/17/20151
 On-line Webinar  
Oakstone Med PubOrthopedic Sports Medicine6/28/201633
 DVD MP3 Comprehensive Review Course  
Crouse Hospital RadiologyChoosing Wisely: Dx Orthopedic Ultrasound6/16/20171.5
Hamilton HospitalColgate Inn, Hamilton, NY  
MSSNYOpiate Management, Abuse, Regulation6/17/20173
 On-line Mnadatory Webinar  
AAOSOKU-11 (On-line)7/4/201750
AAOSOSAE-11 (On-line scored)7/4/201720
Crouse HospitalProvider Wellness Series3/1-8/15/201710
 The Quality Zone: Strategies for Stress  
Ortho Forum Ins  CoRisk Management Seminar10/5/20174.75
 On-line Webinar  
AANAAPEX Shoulder Arthroscopy4/6-7/201817.5
 Popular Solutions Shoulder/Elbow Arthroscopy  
 OLC, Rosemont, IL  
MLMICProactive Risk Management Program6/22/20188
 On-line Webinar  
AAOSSports Medicine SA (On-line scored)7/29/201810
AOSSM/AAOSOrthopedic Sports Med Review Course8/9-11/2019 
 Chicago, IL 17.75
UPMC ACL Grafts: Diameter Does Matter, Sort Of11/1/20190.5
 UPMC Internet POC  
Surgeons Should not Underpromise to Overdeliver…12/9/20190.5
UPMC Internet POC
MLMICProacive Risk Management Program3/25/20206.5
 On-line Webinar  
MLMICFollow-up Office Procedures3/26/20201.5
 Risk Management Webinar  
MLMICHigh Exposure Liability: Intvw Plaintiff’s Atty 1/23/26/20203
 Risk Management Webinar  
MSSNYOpiate Management, Abuse, Regulation3/28/20203
 On-line Mandatory Webinar  
AAOSOSAE-12 (On-line scored)4/2/202020
OKU-12 Home Study Program4/2/202050
ABOSWLA Resource On-Line Board Review6/1/20208
 UPMCReturn to Wbing and Activity Jones Fx Fixation1/23/20200.5
 SARS-COV-2 in Aerosols in Hospital Staff Areas4/30/20200.5
 Spinal and GA For Hip Fx M/M5/17/20200.5
      All Above UPMC: Internet POC  
AAOS/ASESAnatomic and Reverse TSA Livestream11/7/202011.25
AANA/AOSSM2021 Combined Specialty Day3/17-3/18/20214
 On-line Virtual Meeting (Covid)  
AAOS/NYSSOS2021 NYSSOS Annual Meeting Symposium10/21-23/202117.25
 On-line Virtual Meeting  
MSSNYConcussion Management11/9/20213
 On-line Seminar  
MSSNYSOS Joint Council Meetings1/27,3/10,4/21,9
 MLMIC Pro-Active Risk Management Follow-Up IX: 3/23/20226.5
On-Line Dx Error, Near Misses, High Exposure Cases
Cine-MedGuide to Culturally Competent Care (Mandated Webinar)
On-Line: Fundamentals of Appropriate Services10/28/20223
On-Line: Communication and Language Assistance10/29/20223
On-Line: Engagement, Continuous Improvement Accountability10/29/20223
MLMICOn-Line: Managing Your Social Media Presence11/15/20221
On-Line: EHR in the Courtroom11/17/20221
On-Line: Current Issues in Risk Management (Part 1)11/19/20221.5
On-Line: Current Issues in Risk Management (Part 2)11/19/20221.5
On-Line: Patient Privacy11/20/20221
On-Line: Back Disorders: Claims Data in the US11/20/20221.5
On-Line: Responding to Fraud and Abuse Investigations12/2/20221
On-Line: Common Claims Against Anesthesiologists12/3/20221.5
On-Line: Interview with a Plaintiff’s Attorney (Part 1)12/26/20221.5
AOSSMAJSM Webinar Series12/31/20221
Quad Tendon Autograft ACL Reconstruction Global Perspectives
MLMICOn-Line: Interview with a Plaintiff’s Attorney (Part 2)12/31/20221.5
On-Line: Physician Patient Relationship: Closer Look12/31/20221.5
MSSNYSOS Joint Council Meetings1/19,2/23,5/19,9
ABOSWLA Resource On-Line Board Review4/4/20238
MSSNYOn-line Mandatory Webinar:
Patients With Opioid Use Disorders4/7/20231
When to Consider Opioids for Chronic Non-cancer and Palliative Care7/1/20231
Understanding the Legal Landscape in NYS for Prescribing7/1/20231